South Eastern Gaskets prides itself on having some of the most advanced technology available in the industry today. We have equipment to cut shims, Teflon gaskets, rubber gasket seals and more!

State-Of-The-Art Cutting Knife

We have recently purchased a new, state-of-the-art programmable cutting knife. The cutting knife is used to produce a diverse range of shapes from various materials. The cutting knife can work its way through rubber gasket seals, plastic, shims and even teflon gaskets.

Just Email Us Your Drawing

The cutting knife is well suited to cut difficult shapes without the need for tooling, all we need is a customer approved drawing or a PDF file which can be emailed, reducing set up cost and improving turn around.

Superior Even On Tang Graphite

The cutting knife is superior when it comes to tang graphite. Previously, this material was quite difficult to cut, now the knife cuts smooth and clean.

We are excited about the prospect of upgrading your gasket requirements to computer driven technology.

View Our Samples

To view our samples or find out how this machine can benefit you, contact one of our friendly sales representatives today!

Moulding Press

We have a 100 ton moulding press which is used for elastomer compression moulding of geometric shapes. The press also provides the capability to perform hot vulcanised joints on extruded elastomer of various shapes and sizes. Typical components produced are special size o-rings, bushes, cones, u-cups etc.

We have also just purchased a new 30 ton moulding press which has PLC control for a more accurate temperature control and the repeatability of the moulding process. This enables us to produce a consistent product to maintain a high standard of quality. Our moulding press can be used for rubber gasket seals, Teflon gaskets, shims and more!

Zero Emission Gaskets

Tests confirm the ability of Corr-a-seal to seal at a much lower bolt load over other leading graphite type gaskets – at less than half the bolt load or stress. Corr-a-seal is the best to get a tight seal without over-stressing the flange assembly.

Contact us today to find out how our technology can help your business.