Technological Support

We offer customers technological support for all of our products. Our sales representatives are based in Melbourne and Adelaide and can provide information on any of our products, including boiler gaskets, rubber gaskets, shims and more! We have 3 sales representatives who assist and service companies across the south east of Australia.

Email Your Drawings

Our technology is superior to most other companies in Australia. All we require to complete your order is a drawing of your boiler gasket, rubber gasket,shim, automotive product, or other parts from one of our quality products. Our state-of-the-art cutting machine and other advanced technology will cut your order from a simple PDF file.

Contact us today on 03 9587 4122 to find out more!


We have a delivery service in Melbourne which sees the safe delivery of boiler, rubber gaskets, shims and other products to industries throughout Victoria. Simply email through your order specifications and we will ensure it is safely and efficiently delivered to your business.


If you have an emergency regarding your shim, automotive gasket, boiler gasket, rubber gasket or some other part, contact us on {03 9587 4122} and speak to one of our qualified team for assistance or alternatively one of our team will come to your premises to assist.

We are available from 7.30am until 5.00pm, Monday to Friday, for emergencies break downs and for a representative to come out and assist.

Bolt Load Calculator

We can check that the torque on your bolts is correct via our computerised bolt load calculator. This can be used to check the torque stress on the treaded screws on your bolts.

Contact South Eastern Gaskets today on 03 9587 4122 to speak to someone in an emergency, or contact us to find out more information about our services.